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This user do not have any character on top15000 in any ladder.

Seasons ladder

This user has not gained any point in any seasons.

Participation in events

character event class rank lvl exp
twodacharl Perandus Flashback Inquisitor 2906 85 1,332,080,871
datcharl 3 Day Exiles Event (IC009) Templar 10375 1 365
fdacharl 1 Month Flashback (IC006) Marauder 12280 59 140,742,673
ldachalw 4 Hour Endless Ledge (IC005) Witch 2053 9 60,826
dtdcharl 1 Hour Descent (S11C098) Templar 575 6 15,755
tdacharl 12 Min Solo Burst (S11C094C) Templar 388 3 3,035

Unfinished events

This user has not died in events so far.

Events statistics

Amount of played events6
Amount of completed events6
Amount of created characters6
Number of deaths
Favourite classes Templar (3), Witch (1), Inquisitor (1), Marauder (1)
Best results
Worst death no deaths

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2017-12-15 09:07:41